Looking for the best mens or womens compression tights?

Are you looking for a pair of compression tights which offer comfort and support? Would you like to sport a pair which not only looks great but delivers what it promises?

For all you fitness fashionistas we bring a review of the most sought after DR SKIN compression tights for men and women.


The following are a few features of these compression tights

  • Made from 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex.
  • Come with a Moisture absorption layer
  • Great for men and women who are into sports like jet skiing, running, sprinting and fitness training.
  • Are great for both winter and summers
  • Provide cooling effect during summer and warmth during winters.

The Benefits of Compression Pants

Compression pants can take your training to the next level. Order these compression pants today and start training your new self. It’s important to know what compression tights could do for you

  • Offer great support to calve muscles
  • Extra support means better athletic performance
  • Reduce stress and trauma of muscles
  • Allow for a faster recovery
  • Look and feel great too

What the Customers have to Say

We got to take a look at what all the ladies who bought these compression tights had to say.

  • Compression tights help reduces muscle cramps. If you love exercising you must be aware of the number of times you had a cramp sneak up on you unaware. Wearing these tights can reduce any such incidences and allow you to work out without any worries.
  • Great value for money. After all where can you find a pair of compression tights which looks and feels as good as this one? If you are a fitness queen on a budget we suggest that you get your hands on this pair right away.
  • Snug fit. That’s right ladies, when you are looking for compression gear you have got to sport a pair which fits snugly. The better it fits the better chance you have of improved fitness performance.
  • Offer warmth. If the thought of running around in the cold weather keeps you inside your homes you have got to try this pair. After all if they warm and comfy and keep you relatively comfortable then the cold weather doesn’t mean a thing.
  • The only thing which most women gave thumbs down to was the sheerness of these tights. According to most women they were practically see through once you put these on. Think again if you want to wear compression tights just as they are. You might need to wear these with a pair of running pants.
  • Super comfortable and do not bunch up around the waist. Let’s admit it we all have been through sports gear which tends to bunch up around the waist and dig into the flesh. However these compression tights don’t bunch up and offer great compression as well!
  • Quick dry. If you tend to sweat a great deal than a pair of tights which are quick dry can be a real blessing. These compression shorts come with a moisture absorption layer. What else could you ask for?

Mens and Womens Compression Tights are made differently, unique to each build. Cheeta Recovery offers both varieties of mens compression tights and womens compression tights, order them today. When buying compression gear, make sure you keep facts like comfort and snugness in mind. So what are you waiting for, go and get a pair today and make the most of your fitness regime!